27 September 2016

Creativity can be a curse sometimes, there’s always a new idea or project I’m keen to work on. That fact alongside the limited resources and hours in a day leave me with a few different projects on the go at any one time.

GURNEY Branding
This is my primary business and where I spend the most of my time. GURNEY branding helps Australian businesses looking to gain a competitive edge over their competition by utilising strategic brand solutions.

Come to the Unknown (CTTU)
Come to the Unknown is my creative outlet. I consider it visual blogging which forces me to go out and get a little adventurous. I enjoy exploring the hidden beauties of this world and capturing it with my camera. If you’re ever in the mood to go on an adventure make sure you hit me up and I’ll be there.

One of my other core interests is journalism and media. Myself and a business partner are working on an online publication that will hopefully be up and running soon called assgnmnt (read assignment). The publication will highlight key social issues and stories that are considered worth telling by the publication’s key staff.

So many more
There’s many more projects all at various stages of conception but unfortunately for you they’re all a little hush hush. Keep posted though because when I get a little less paranoid they’ll be going up right here as well :P.